2013 Milestones

2012 Company Highlights
  • Close to 1 million free pretzels were distributed on March 3, during our fourth Free Pretzel Day event.

  • In May we expanded our non-traditional venue lineup by opening our first military base location at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. Hooah!

  • On August 20, we launched our first in-store fundraising campaign benefiting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Our guests donated more than $250,000 for childhood cancer prevention research.

  • Our 1000th domestic location opened December 24 in Towne Mall in Elizabethtown, Ky. The franchise owners are US military veterans, and joined the Auntie Anne's family through the VetFran program.

  • We were named among Zagat’s top five most popular quick refreshment chains in a survey of diners who say they eat at a chain restaurant at least nine times a month. 

  • In December, we were featured in the premiere season of A&E’s original real-life series “Be the Boss." 

  • In a continued effort to give back in local communities, Auntie Anne’s announced a new national charitable partnership to raise money for childhood cancer research, prevention, and treatment with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.
  • Auntie Anne's celebrated 15 years of pretzel perfection in Malaysia by giving away nearly 18,000 free pretzels. The master franchisor also donated more than $5,500 to Precious Children Home after pledging to contribute money from every combo sold in the month of April.

  • The first Auntie Anne's opens in Poland opens to mouthwatering reviews as the mall location outperforms initial projections on the first day of sales.

  • Fundraising program launches Auntie Anne's Pretzel Pocket – a pretzel roll filled with a blend of melted cheese, pepperoni, and Italian spices.


  • Long-time company leader, Sam Beiler, sells the company to FOCUS Brands®. As part of the FOCUS Brands family, the company continues to experience momentum and benefits from new multifaceted synergies.

  • Most popular pretzel flavors are now available as bite-size pretzel pieces. The new Nuggets menu item provides consumers with the convenience and portability they have requested.

  • Auntie Anne’s expands internationally with stores in Egypt and Japan as well as the signing of a master franchise agreement for the development of Poland.

  • Enters a charitable partnership with First Book and donates nearly 50,000 new books to children in need.

  • Surplus pretzel products can now be donated to local hunger relief organizations through Auntie Anne’s national partnership with the Food Donation Connection

  • Consumers receive a Snacking Wake-Up Call during Auntie Anne’s third free pretzel day event, giving away more than one million pretzels on February 20.

  • A “grand” grand opening. The 1,000th store is located in Fresno, Ca.

  • Hits a triple milestone with the first store opening in Mexico
    (Auntie Anne's Mexico Grand Opening Video). The expansion marks the 200th international store opening and brings Auntie Anne’s worldwide presence to 20 countries.

  • Commemorates 10 years of supporting Children’s Miracle Network. Since 1999, the Auntie Anne’s system has donated more than $4 million to local children’s hospitals.

  • Joins social networking sites and connects with pretzel lovers around the world on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.

  • Introduction of the Pepperoni Pretzel (Watch a short bit about the history of Pepperoni Pretzels!) and five fruity Lemonade Mixers flavors to the menu line-up.

  • Amanda Putney becomes Fastest Pretzel Roller (Watch Amanda in action!) in Auntie Anne’s family, rolling and twisting a pretzel in 3.5 seconds.

  • V.I.P. customers (Very Important Pretzel-lovers) are the first to receive coupons, offers, and information on new products through the Pretzel Perks program.

  • Celebrates 20th birthday! Store locations offer free pretzels to all consumers on February 2.

  • Corporate Headquarters relocates from Gap, Pa. to Lancaster, Pa. The new, larger city location allows Auntie Anne’s corporate employees to be under the same roof as the Pretzel University training center.

  • Rolls the 1 billionth pretzel.

  • A new brand image is launched through the Pretzel Perfect Tongue Twister Contest offering pretzel fans a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship, a $500 shopping spree, and a year’s supply of Auntie Anne’s pretzels

  • Auntie Anne’s is named a World-Class Franchise, the most prestigious rating in franchising, given by FranSurvey®. The award is extended for the next four years after a confidential survey of Auntie Anne’s franchisees.

  • Company founders Anne and Jonas Beiler sell Auntie Anne's Inc. to company executive, Sam Beiler. Anne and Jonas devote themselves to fully realizing the vision of opening a family counseling center.

  • More than 107,000,000 pretzels are sold, enough that if each unbaked, untwisted Auntie Anne's pretzel was laid end-to-end, it would circle the world two and a half times.

  • Pretzel Dogs are welcomed to the menu lineup. An Auntie Anne’s pretzel wrapped around a Nathan’s Famous® Hot Dog is one of our most popular snacks.

  • Fundraising program is launched and offers Soft Pretzels, Cinnamon Buns, Gourmet Breadsticks, Pretzel Dipping Stix, Pizza Knots, Super Stix, and Pretzel Dog kits for sale through community groups and organizations.

  • 100th international store opens in Thailand.

  • Stix are introduced to provide snacks for people on-the-go, available in Original and Cinnamon Sugar.

  • 700 and counting. Auntie Anne attends the opening of the 700th pretzel store located at Broadway Mall in Hicksville, N.Y.

  • Take the fun of rolling and twisting pretzels home with you. Auntie Anne’s introduces the At-Home Baking Kit.

  • Auntie Anne’s becomes a corporate sponsor for Children’s Miracle Network, which raises funds and awareness for children’s hospitals throughout North America.

  • First train station location opens at Penn Station in New York City.

  • The company opens a store in Jakarta, Indonesia, beginning a round-the-world tour that continues to this day.

  • The C.A.R.E.S. Committee (Community Action Requires Employee Support) was founded by the employees of Auntie Anne’s. As the charitable arm for Corporate Headquarters, this group provides focused community support through time and resources.

  • 100th Auntie Anne’s store opens in Granite Run Mall, Media, Pa.

  • Air travel gets just a little bit tastier when Auntie Anne’s opens the first airport location at Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • 4,000,000 pretzels are sold from 90 different Auntie Anne’s locations throughout 12 different states.

  • Franchising begins when a store location opens at Saturday’s Market Farmer’s Market in Harrisburg, Pa.

  • The company’s first regional mall location opens at Park City Center in Lancaster, Pa.

  • Anne Beiler buys a market stand in a Downingtown, Pa. farmer’s market, and begins selling the Original Pretzel and lemonade.

  • Legend has it that an Italian monk served pretzels for the first time. These “pretiolas,” Latin for “little rewards,” were rolled and twisted dough resembling his student’s folded arms across their chests while praying.