Whether you are shopping or traveling, the distinct aroma of Auntie Anne's Pretzels

may stop you in your tracks. It's a natural reaction for your nose to inhale and your mouth to smile as you visualize yourself taking time to enjoy a fresh, hot, hand-rolled Auntie Anne's Pretzel.

That’s why we take pride in what we serve – perfectly mixed, risen dough that’s hand-cut, hand-rolled, and fresh-baked all day long. With or without butter or salt, we have a variety of pretzel products to satisfy your anytime craving. Paired with our dipping sauces, and drinks, deciding what flavors to treat yourself to may be a challenge!

Consider the following information as you plan for your next Auntie Anne's experience.

    And when it comes to trans-fats, our products contain 0 grams, except for our Pretzel Dog. We make our scrumptious Pretzel Dog and Jumbo Pretzel Dog with Nathan's Famous® Hot Dogs. The Pretzel Dog contains 0.5 grams of naturally-occurring trans-fat, while the Jumbo Pretzel Dog has 1 gram of naturally-occurring trans-fat.

    Ask for your pretzel with no added salt or choose an Sweet Almond, Cinnamon Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar Stix, or Raisin Pretzel, and you’ll reduce the sodium to less than 500 milligrams per serving.

View our nutritional facts or download our nutrition quick reference guide (Adobe PDF format; 100 KB) to see our product stats.

For allergen-related questions about Auntie Anne's products, please visit our Allergens & Sensitivities page or contact Customer Care at 1-877-PRTZ-LUV (1-877-778-9588), option 2.